My approach to photography is all about having a fun time and capturing real emotion. As a mom myself I know just how fast these babies grow up, and how important it is to capture your family’s love. My laid-back, fun-loving personality will keep you laughing & relaxed. We play games, tell stories, and have tickle fights. Anything to keep it a game for your kids, to encourage genuine smiles.  If you are considering having family photos in Wake Forest, NC read along!

Photos I always take during family photos

The formal family photos

I usually start the photo session with a posed, semi-formal photo of the whole family. Just like this family photo below. It is a must-have for every client and is often used for Christmas cards or gifts for the grandparents. Many families also order a large print for at-home display.

family photos wake forest, nc

The candid family photos

Once I am done with formal photos, we proceed to create more candid ones. These include dad with kids, mom with kids, and kids together. I like to include movement in the photos, which helps people (especially children) relax and have fun.

A family of 5 walking in a park during fall season in North Carolina

The photos of the kids

I love capturing the real emotions and interactions between the family members! My goal is to make everyone comfortable in front of the camera so they stop posing and start having fun! This goal is often achieved through playtime.

Family photos wouldn’t be complete without some individual captures of the children to document how quickly they grow and change.

The photos with Mommy

Few more photos of the children with mommy and we are almost done with this beautiful family session in Wake Forest, NC. I think capturing the mother with children is a must because moms are usually the ones taking pictures and rarely get photographed themselves ( selfies do not count!). If that’s not the case for you – consider yourself lucky!:)

And that’s a wrap of this family photo session in Wake Forest, NC. This was a full photo session that lasts about 45min to one hour. Mini Photo sessions last about 20 minutes and include fewer poses. I hope you enjoyed this blog post and found some valuable information. If you’d like to book me for your next family photos please contact me. To view the spring photo session in Wake Forest, NC click here.


Family Photos in Wake Forest

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